Spectrum Formatting Macros

Spectrum Formatting Macroshelps you to organize and navigate different contents within a single container. Through tabs, horizontal and vertical navigation, custom progress bar and “visual” page status you can manage easily your content


Key use cases

  • Content organization
  • Content validation

Key features

  • Create Tabs
  • Create Horizontal navigation menu
  • Create Vertical navigation menu
  • Manage Page Status (draft, outdated, official, action required)
  • Update Page Status
  • Customize content progress bar
  • Define menu and tabs colors

Organize content

A set of business oriented macros to organize a page content through multiple navigation items, menus, colorful tabs, content status information, and customisable progress bar.


Navigation tools

Enhance navigation in a page content using horizontal or vertical menus or also using tabs. You can manage your items colors and customize their CSS.


Page status and progress bar

Show a page status as a draft, as outdated, as action required or as official. Each status has a specific icon and color. With a custom progress bar you can link your page to a process step !



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