Social Space

With Social Space, bring smart community features to a wiki space. Move toward social business using confluence with Social Space Blueprint


Key use cases

  • Communities
  • Event socialization
  • Marketing teams
  • Internal communication
  • Social intranet

Key features

  • Social activity stream including : advanced preview for videos and pictures, media player, content excerpt, attachments types pictos
  • Customizable timeline : 1 or 2 columns, filter stream by content type, filter on favorites
  • Community information : title, logo, description, labels, public or private
  • Community management : designate managers, contact
  • Interactions : poke members
  • Featured contributors – retrieve statistics related to user’s activity
  • Blogs widget
  • Ideation widget (requires Ideation Blueprint)
  • Discussions widget (requires Discussion Blueprint)

Watch Demo

Your Space as a community

Start with an all in one space blueprint : specify community information, designate community manager (s), customise social stream and widgets and use conversation features.


Smart Social Stream

A rich and customizable stream that shows videos, attachment types, content excerpts, number of comments, tags and likes. You can filter by content type, focus on favourites and directly play medias.


A set of Social Macros

Socialize more your space ! You can easily contact community managers, poke members, promote contributors activities and use social widgets for featured ideas, discussions and blogs.



10 users $10
25 users $200
50 users $300
100 users $500
250 users $750
500 users $1000
2000 users $1500
10000 users $2000
10000+ users $3000

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You can find here detailed documentation about the best way to use Social Space Blueprint.

You will be guided through your use with examples and screenshots to show you plugin features.