Glossary Blueprint lets you manage thousands of terms and their definitions inside a smart wiki page tree. Use it to share standard terminologies and technical dictionaries inside your organization. Glossary Blueprint is also collaborative : users can add new letters, create terms and use live-search to quickly find a specific term.


Key use cases

  • Share definitions
  • Terminologies and thesaurus
  • Technical documentation

Key features

  • Create a glossary per a space
  • Glossary dashboard
  • Add new terms and definitions from Add Term Menu
  • Add new terms and definitions from Highlight Action Panel (Conf 5.4+)
  • Add new letters (eg. specific letters É, À, Ù, etc)
  • Find a term
  • Check available definitions in glossaries (Conf 5.4+)
  • Pagination. Easily manage thousands of terms

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Glossary Overview

Manage thousands of terms with definitions and organize them in a global glossary repository. Get last updates in a glance.


Contribute from highlight panel

Simply select a word from a page content and directly contribute in glossaries through the highlight action panel.


Find definitions across all glossaries

In any page, just click on the glossary icon to check available terms in confluence glossaries. Click on highlighted ones to display definitions.



10 users $10
25 users $100
50 users $220
100 users $300
250 users $400
500 users $500
2000 users $1000
10000 users $2000
10000+ users $3000

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You can find here detailed documentation about the best way to use Glossary Blueprint.

You will be guided through your use with examples and screenshots to show you plugin features.