Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Blueprint lets you manage easily listed commonly asked questions, organize them in topics, and answer them. Share best practices, how-to manuals and guidelines inside your teams and organization. It helps you gather user’s feedbacks and contributions to enrich your FAQs.


Key use cases

  • Product documentation
  • How-to, Guidelines
  • Share best practices

Key features

  • Manage topics to organize questions by categories and sub categories
  • Create questions (items) and their answers
  • Find a question
  • Submit a new question to the animator
  • Share your opinion about a question by voting it and adding your feedbacks
  • Question’s opinion statistics

Topics, listed questions and answers

Manage lists of common questions displayed by topics . Share answers. Collect rates and feedback about each item. Easily search content and labels.


FAQs dashboard

Share multiple FAQs per space. Use the FAQs register as a dashboard to access all shared question lists, browse them at a glance and discover last updates and statistics.


Collaborate, Suggest, Enrich

FAQ lists are collaborative ! Do not hesitate to contribute. Create new lists, or enrich existing ones by suggesting new commonly asked questions.



10 users $10
25 users $100
50 users $220
100 users $300
250 users $400
500 users $500
2000 users $1000
10000 users $2000
10000+ users $3000

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