Glossary 4.0 - Release Notes

What's in Glossary 4.0 

In an effort to improve our products, Spectrum Groupe regularly release new products features, updates and improvement

We're pleased to announce the release of Glossary 4.0, with better performance, stability and new features.

This major version will ensure better experience through many new features, improvements, and miscellaneous bug fixes.

 Please Stay up-to-date with what's next at Spectrum Groupe Glossary APP official page

We strongly advice you to test this version on pre-production or test server as it bring enhancements to current data model. You can reach us on our support channels to assist you during this upgrade step or provide any needed support if any abnormal behavior is observed.

(warning) In case of big Confluence instance or large Glossary data amount, consider having a backup of your database BEFORE proceeding to migration to this new version (version 4.0). Please contact us on our support channels if any abnormal behavior is observed after upgrading to new version. DO NOT proceed to reinstalling Glossary app again as it may re-update the data content.


This release contains the following new features:

  1. Global Import Glossary: Confluence administrators will be able to create a new space or populate existing Glossaries by importing glossary file from a configuration panel.

  2. Space Import Glossary: Using this feature, space administrator will be able to import data from CSV or Excel files to existing Glossary.

  3. Advanced Glossary Search: An advanced search using different criteria is offered to glossary users via an advanced Glossary search panel.

  4. Export Glossary: Glossary users can export glossary content, letter content or search result into a PDF file or an Excel file.


We're continuing to improve Glossary performance, and in this release we've focused specifically on: 

  • Global Search: Reduce the time required for ruining Global search: Better and much faster performance .

  • Permission: Glossary now uses space permissions, making any use of the glossary permission dependent.

  • Bug Fix: Major bug fix are included in this release, which are detailed in the BUGS LIST sequence.

Small improvement on its own is insignificant, but together they make a huge impact.


BPGLOS-175 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BPGLOS-176 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BPGLOS-182 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BPGLOS-183 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BPGLOS-184 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BPGLOS-199 - Getting issue details... STATUS

BPGLOS-210 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Able to Highlight terms from spaces which are not permitted to display its entries.

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Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of Discussion - Version 2.2.0

Thanks for using Discussion and we hope you're having a great experience with it. This release brings new features and bug fixes that improves our product.

Your Suggestions are constantly helping us to continue upgrade the overall quality of Spectrum Add-ons, If you have any requests, questions or issues, please contact us on lab Support

New features

  • Reorganize discussions. This feature introduces the possibility to move in bulk discussions under a specific category or to create a category based on a discussion label and move discussion under it. More details can be found in this user guide.  
  • Move discussion during creation or change category. We added an option to give our users the choice to move or not the discussion under the category page. This provides a move flexible behavior for our discussions module. More details can be found in this user guide


Glossary 3.4.2 - Release Notes

Welcome to release notes of Glossary 3.4.2.

In contrast to our previous releases, this update is a small one. Quiet simply, we've made a number of bug fix to make it more reliable, consistent and performant, They're changes only SQL SERVER and ORACLE users will notice. 

As always, we're here to help, if you've come across a problem, want to provide feedback or require support, you can get in touch by email to Support.


For Customers who didn't install 3.4.0:

  • You can safely install the new version of Glossary 3.4.1

Customers who installed 3.4.0 and encountered some issues:  DISCLAIMER

  • We highly encourage you to NOT downgrade to an older version once you upgraded to version 3.4.1. In case you decided to ignore our warning, it might cause you data loss. 
  • It’s essential that before proceeding to Upgrade to version 3.4.1 that any deleted Glossary pages must be purged from the trash.
  • It is Forbidden to delete Glossary home Page or Glossary home label, this will intercept the Data Migration and cause multiple problems.


Atlassian Marketplace download link:

Glossary version 3.4.2


User guide glossary version 3.4.2


Spectrum Groupe Lab Support


  • BPGLOS-182 :  Links to highlighted terms are not working
  • BPGLOS-183 : Navigation Bar & Overview Macros Duplicating Empty/Filled Letters
  • BPGLOS-184 : Data Loss after upgrade to 3.4.1 
  • BPGLOS-185 : Glossaries Gloabal search is KO
  • Limit letter Creation to only three characters.

Welcome to release notes of spectrum formatting Macros 2.0.3.

Thanks for using Spectrum Formatting Macros and we hope you're having a great experience with it. This release brings bug fixes that improves our product.

Your Suggestions are constantly helping us to continue upgrade the overall quality of Spectrum Add-ons, If you have any requests, questions or issues, please contact us on lab Support.


  • Performance improvement


  • SFM-43 : Poor performance when a page is loaded with SP Horizontal/Vertical NAV Macros.
  • “SP Page Status” Changes its status whenever Page properties report is reloaded.


Atlassian Marketplace download link:

Spectrum Formatting Macros 2.0.3


Spectrum Support

Glossary 3.4.1 - Release Notes

Spectrum is happy to announce you that the new release of Glossary version 3.4.1 is Finally here.

We’ve been receiving feedback from our customers the past month about the Highlight behavior, letter duplication and some other issues ... We know that some of you feel Spectrum Groupe has let you down and for that WE APLOGIZE.

There’s been a lot of hard work on this release and we will never stop working to earn and maintain your trust.

So we would like to clarify and let you know about some changes we made:  


  • Stabilizing the migration to Active Objects database
  • Code refactoring For Performance enhancement.


For Customers who didn't install 3.4.0:

  • You can safely install the new version of Glossary 3.4.1

Customers who installed 3.4.0 and encountered some issues: DISCLAIMER

  • We highly encourage you to NOT downgrade to an older version once you upgraded to version 3.4.1. In case you decided to ignore our warning, it might cause you data loss. 
  • It’s essential that before proceeding to Upgrade to version 3.4.1 that any deleted Glossary pages must be purged from the trash.


  • BPGLOS-176 : Letters duplication when accessing Glossary overview or Letter page.
  • BPGLOS-175 :  Auto Hover for abbreviation
  • BPGLOS-150 : Global Configuration to deactivate/Activate Glossary
  • BPGLOS-180 : Tooltip when Highlighting synonym and abbreviation


Atlassian Marketplace download link:

Glossary version 3.4.1


User guide glossary version 3.4.1


Spectrum Groupe Lab Support


My name is Melek Jebnoun and I'm the Spectrum LAB Manager taking care of our Spectrum Groupe Atlassian add-ons. 

My team released recently (on 2018-06-27) a new version of Glossary add-on.

This version is tagged as 3.4.0 and provides following features:

  • Data structure migration from Bandana Management to Active Objects
  • Highlight of abbreviations and synonyms
  • Global configuration to enable Glossary or/and highlight

Full details about the release can be found in this link.

This release was very expected by our customers and we took our time to provide it after full tests by our QA team and beta testers.

Still, for unpredictable reasons and in a random way, some of our clients raised to our attention two major issues after updating to the current release: 

  • Letters duplication when accessing Glossary overview or Letter page. Letters are displayed only by our macros and not created effectively in Confluence
  • When highlight of abbreviations and synonyms is enabled, hover on highlighted abbreviations and synonyms don't bring any definition

We wanted to inform your that if you are facing one of those issues:

  1. There is nothing to worry about concerning your data! Even if you notice the letters duplication, your Glossary content is not affected. Our add-on is a layer on top of Confluence pages that provides display features based on content that it finds in Confluence pages.
  2. We mobilized several team members to investigate the origin of the issue and work on providing a hot fix to it.

We finally advice our customers who:

Didn't proceed to update

We strongly advice you to don't proceed to update until the release of a patch on the marketplace to avoid having the letters duplication. As this issue is random and can happens we advice you to wait until our hotfix release to expect once we find more about the origin of the issue next week.

Who proceeded to update and are encountering one of the previous issues

No worries! You can roll back safely to the latest stable version 3.3.1.

You just need to Un-install Glossary version 3.4.0 AND Spectrum API version 1.0.12 and reinstall old OBR file (3.3.1)


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this version have caused for some of our customers and we re-ensure our hard work to find the best to fix this issue. 

 You can reach to us on our support e-mail address: for any request.

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of Glossary - Version 3.4.0

This release was expected by many of our customers. We worked on changing the storage model of our add-on which took a time to be stabilized. This change will open the door to new features like global search or import and export Glossary content within the next releases.

This version includes the following features:

Migration of data storage model

We moved to Active Objects, the new ORM (object relational mapping) layer to manage persistent data in Atlassian. This will provide us with better management of content stored by Glossary in order to expose and reuse them easily after. Active Objects enables easier, faster, and more scalable data access and storage than the existing Bandana and PluginSettings APIs.

 Highlight Abbreviations and Synonyms


Enable/Disable highlight per space

Glossary Global configuration panel

Support for German

Several bug fixes

  • BPGLOS-124 - Long definitions do not fit the tooltip 
  • BPGLOS-150 - Blueprint desactivation 
  • BPGLOS-154 - Spectrum-api add-on changes appearance of icon 
  • BPGLOS-168 - after space copy glossary is not finding the terms in the text Done
  • Global search for terms returns only the last term
  • Global search display archived spaces and terms from archived spaces


Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of Ideation - Version 4.0.4

This release contains the following bug-fixs:

  • Control error when filling "create challenge" form.
  • Adding alternative to color picker via input field when creating challenge. Some of our users observed compatibility issues on Chrome 66 to open color picker.
    We added an input field to add an Hexa code for challenge if any compatibility issue is observed in order to don't block our users from creating challenges.

  • Fixing adding multiple labels when creating new idea to challenge. Some of users observed issues when creating challenges with multiple labels. We improved this feature to support Confluence's native label input field when creating ideas in challenge.

With Content Status tag your pages with specific and custom status. Use the Status Dashboard to search and filter content by thematic .


Content Status is an easy way to help you organizing and classifying your content pages. A space administrator can simply define a list of status to allow users tagging the content in a visual way using colors, text panel and an awesome icon.

The status pages are collected in the status dashboard where users can easily access to content by specific thematics

Key use cases

  • Content organization and classification
  • Content validation
  • Knowledge Articles

Key features

  • Default list of status (Draft, Official, Archived)
  • Custom status to be defined by the space administrator
  • Status color
  • Status icon from awesome font library
  • Add a page status
  • Modify a page status
  • Collect page status in a dashboard



Add a Status to the page

Manage Status

Collect page status in a dashboard


Are you fed up with classic confluence content, pale colors of macros and static data?
Spectrum Groupe offers you the solution with its new Spectrum fromatting Advanced plug-in.
The Spectrum Formatting Advanced provides you a navigation and organizing tools for your Confluence content and will give a  peps and dynamics to your Confluence pages using your own colors and design.
The Spectrum Formatting Advanced meets the different needs of customers with its nine original macros: navigation tabs, custom progress bar, tooltips, notes, panels, buttons, infobulle , notification etc...

Let's explore this new Spectrum Groupe Add-on:


Progress Bar Advanced

A macro a that allows you to display a steps with description and links.


Customizable and standard panels with colors an rich icon's list


Percentage Progress Bar

Specify your work  avancement  with your own colors and sizes


Add buttons with link in your page confluence




A notification window appears each time a page is accessedNavigation tabs


Add a legendary to your page 


Add description to a specified terms in your page





Organize your content by an expander boxes




Navigation tab 

Organize you content bu navigation tab Menu



Discussion Version 2.1.3

New features and enhancements

Notify category managers when a new discussion is created

Starting this version, space managers where discussion blueprint is used can configure notification addressed to categories managers. For this feature if notification is enabled on a category, every time a discussion is created under this category, its managers will receive an email and a confluence notification with a link to the newly created category. 

Notification can be enabled at a time for all categories or configured during creation, edit or from listing table as displayed in the screenshot below:

Who can edit discussion category when it's set to uncategorized

If discussion is set to uncategorized, we added a new control where only space manager and discussion creator can change this setting to a new category.

Bug fixes

  • Adding a discussion with a page title that already exists. Starting this version an error message is displayed to our users to indicate that the title exists.
  • Display result after filtering discussions when two discussions listing macros exist within the same page.

Confluence compatibility

This version is compatible with Confluence 5.10.3



Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of Discussion blueprint 2.0, with many new features. 

We listened to our clients improvement requests and developed this new version with smoother navigation and enhanced user experience. 

New features



Discussion categories

Discussion version 2.0 includes a new feature: Discussion categories.

Categories can be created and managed easily via categories space admin configuration panel. While creating a new discussion, the user can select its suitable category. The author of the discussion and category managers can also move the discussion to another category. 

We made categories feature more awesome by enhancing Discussion page architecture within space: when user tags a discussion with a specific category, discussion page will be linked to a parent page associated to category. 

You can find more about categories features by reading this section.

Discussion index page enhancement

The discussion index page is the main discussion dashboard within your space. We tweaked this dashboard by adding filtering capabilities and different statistics as shown in the following screenshots. 


List view - Discussions index page

Discussions statistics macros

Discussion Global dashboard

Starting version 2.0, a discussion global dashboard is available. You can access this dashboard by clicking on the Discussion link within Confluence's top menu bar.

This dashboard enables users to navigate within Discussion spaces and provides global statistics about discussion contributors and comments. It includes also a global search feature by content or labels.

Documentation - Discussion V2.0 User guide

You can find all details about the migration process from V1.x to V2.0 or how to implement these features by visiting our user guide

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of Social Space 2.0, with an enhanced user experience and many new features. 

We studied our clients improvement requests and developed this new version with smoother navigation and enhanced user experience. 

New features



New community creation process 


When creating a Social Community, the community manager can set its community's access policy to private or public. In addition, the community manager  can also enable (or not) join option giving the opportunity to any user to join the community.

When set to public, a community is accessible to users in Read mode. If Join option is enabled, users can request from the Community Manager to add them so they can contribute by creating content. 

If set to private, a community cannot be seen by non-member users. 

The Community Manager can in both cases add members directly by sending them an invitation. 

In order to simplify Community Management use cases, two sets of groups are added by default when creating a community (managers group and members groups).

 More details about upgrade and actions to perform when installing new plugin version 2.0



New Activity Stream functionalities (Screenshot 1)


We redesigned the social stream to make it more functional and more optimized. As you can see in screenshot 1, the comments are now grouped under associated Confluence elements (page, blog, attachment)

After each contribution, new information pieces are displayed (resume and details)

  • The attachments (if the contribution is a page or a blog post) 
  • The comments
  • The Lables
  • Number of likes and users who liked an element

There is also the possibility to make a contribution as your favorite within the stream and to quickly get information about the most recent commented ones. 

We are also excited about the possibility to create content directly within the stream. As you can see in the screenshot 1, there is a top area where users (with permissions) can add pages, blog posts and media content. 

New Social Widgets and enhancements for existing ones (Screenshot 1)


We added a new widget to display the list community members. We also provide the possibility to poke one (or many) particular member(s).

We have also provided enhancements to "Community information" macro, in which we added more details about community status (private or public) and capabilities to join community or to unsubscribe from it.

New Community Administration Section (Screenshot 2)


To make community management easier and provide capabilities for space administrators, we created a new administration panel where community manager can:

  • Manage membership requests: This section displays all requests to join the community. Community Manager can  accept or refuse a particular request. 
  • Within Members and managers tabs, the managers can add new members or managers to the community, and/or remove them.
  • Within the Settings tab, it is possibilie to switch a community from public to private and vice versa. 

Screenshot 2 : Social Space plugin administration panel

New Communities Dashboard (Screenshot 3)


We created a new global dashboard to browse all communities (Spaces created via Social Space blueprint). The Dashboard provides  an overview of the available communities.

Users can navigate by:

  • Favorite communities:retrieve all your favorite communities.
  • My communities: Show all communities in which logged user is member of.
  • All communities: Show all communities (social spaces)
  • Logged user profile information

Screenshot 3 : Social Space plugin global dashboard

Updates and fix list

SS-6 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SS-2 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We recently noticed some dysfunctions when Ideation plugin is installed on a Confluence Data Center platform.

This release provide mainly fixes for issues related to this type of platform.  

It also provide some i18n fixes. 

Due to a bug affecting our plugin macros rendering in Confluence 5.9.1 and 5.9.2, many of our users noticed compatibility issues for previously listed Confluence versions. Glossary plugin Version 3.0.1 bring a fix for this bug.

We are also happy to announce that this version is also marked by Data Center compatibility. Many of you requested it and we hope you will enjoy our plugin with the suitable Confluence version and configuration.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.