Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce that we are releasing Spectrum Timesheets version 2.2 This version includes new features and bugfixes.


  • Delete log work in BULK


  • Users/Groups Search: Vue Approve Timesheets.

  • History of Timesheets.
  • Condition of timesheets submission.

The Spectrum version 2.1 is released with a compatibility with Atlassian Jira 8.15.0 platform.

New features

  • Automatically approve/reject timesheets when you view them.
  • Submission Condition


  • User filtering: Active/Inactive

As always, we're here to help, if you've come across a problem, want to provide feedback or require support, you can get in touch by email to Support.

The Spectrum version 2.0 is released with a compatibility with Atlassian Jira 8.14.0 platform.

New features

  1. Spectrum Group is pleased to introduce the Approval Timesheet Process((info) Link).
    • If the Timesheet Approval Process is enabled, timesheet users can submit their timesheet for approval at the end of the current period (either weekly or monthly). The reviewer receives a notification email of the submission and can then approve or reject the timesheet.
  2. We've improved the time off management and included the ability to specify Holidays((info) Link) throughout the year.

    • You can create holiday entry to manage different types of holidays like New Year's Day, Independence Day, or Christmas Day, etc.
  3. In order to make our application more powerful, we've added Automated Reminders((info) Link): Administrators can send automatic Email Notifications to:
    • Remind resources in advance of the timesheet due date.
    • Remind a resource or group of resources about non submitted timesheets on time.
    • Notify resources with the Timesheet Approver Permission((info) Link) whenever timesheets are submitted by users they are approvers for.
    • Notify resources about timesheet status change: Approved or rejected.

Timesheets Approval


  • Logging time on issue using default Time Spent Values.

  • We've made a number of improvements to the Timesheet View.


  • Fixed: [Timezone] A Worklog is Added In the Previous Date But Display in Issue Details Worklog of the Correct Cell.
  • Fixed: Groups that start with a Special Character are not Displayed in the Group Selector in Access Management.
  • Fixed: Avatars of Users in User Picker Selector are Not displayed in "Users timesheet" view.
  • Fixed: Timesheet is Not Compatible with Jira 7.10

Coming Soon

  • Team Timesheets and Holidays Scheme are coming soon.

As always, we're here to help, if you've come across a problem, want to provide feedback or require support, you can get in touch by email to Support.

Release Note Spectrum TimeReports 2.1

The Spectrum version 2.1 is released with a compatibility with Atlassian Jira 8.9.x platform.

New features

  • New user interface with a simple and brighter look. The new Drag and Drop objects for templates views, lighter headers for table reports, new icons, and improved navigation.
  • We've added the ability to create personal report templates: each TimeReports user, other than the administrators, can create his own template and re-use it to generate his report. 
  • Display Include Sum Sub Tasks option to reports with template including Issue Criteria (Include Sub Task).


  • Reporting speed improved.
  • Now, you can generate report filter by: JQL String.
  • Reporting improvement: Group by Component and Fix Version and others.
  • You can add or remove selected criteria in the columns other than the criteria of the Time Frame family.
  • Improved Teams Reports.
  • Other enhancements.

See Spectrum TimeReports 2.1 User's Guide for further details. Also read Before You Upgrade for tasks that you might be required to do.

As always, we're here to help, if you've come across a problem, want to provide feedback or require support, you can get in touch by email to Support.

The Spectrum Metadata version 1.3.0 is released with a compatibility with Atlassian Jira 8.7.x platform and an alignment with Atlassian to comply with GDPR standards.


This release is fixing user picker field type in project. We noticed that field is broken after Atlassian changed its policy for generating user key to comply with GDPR standards.

Before this version we have been storing user key in metadata fields set as user picker type. Still Atlassian is no longer storing user key as the name and is generating now an anonymized value.

Please contact our support team if you find any issue after migrating to this version or if your user fields are broken.

Release note Spectrum Teams version 2.0

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of  Spectrum Teams 2.0.

With this new version you can assign many teams to project and browse all Jira projects within their teams.

Highlight of this release

Mutli-teams assignation per project

Major change in the App, we now allow our users to assign more than one team to project. This will provide a more realistic representation of projects organization and different teams impacted. 

Teams can be browsed in the Teams panel associated to project based on there diagram view:

Browse projects

Since this release you can browse projects with or/and without teams. This feature aims to help administrators check what projects have been configured correctly and avoid having to navigate project by project in JIRA to check if Teams has been configured.

Fixed issues in our Support system

Key Summary T Created Updated Due P Status

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of our new App Spectrum TimeReports 1.0.0.

This tool provides advanced time reporting features within JIRA. We wanted to create a reporting module based on saved templates that can be applied to several scopes like projects, project categories, JIRA filtrers.

With our App, JIRA users will get a tool to build and manage reporting strategies, generate multidimensional and filterable time reports with grid and graphic views.

Release highlights

Build and Manage Reporting Templates

Use a drag-and-drop interface to easily create and share templates based on time measures and Jira dimensions from projects, issues, users, groups and teams attributes.

Generate Powerful Time Reporting in few clicks

Autonomous reporting for managers. Run your own reports based on available templates, select date ranges, time format and apply on projects, categories, users or favorite filters. Enjoy extensive options, including Sort, Swap data and Export.

Visualize and interact with Work Log Data

Dynamic and interactive, real time display of your TimeReports. Stacked bars, Gantt diagram, Planning or Pie Charts can be exported to PNG, JPG, CSV and PDF.

Compatible with Atlassian's Jira 8.x platform. In this release we've made improvements to the Timesheets view so that you can adjust your timesheet view to show a day, week, month, or custom period. Your timesheet is now available in reponsive mood.

This release also includes several bug fixes.

All updates for this release

New Features


  • Timesheet is now Responsive.


  • UserPicker - View Users Timesheets

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of Spectrum Timesheets - Version 1.3.0

Important highlight from this release

  1. JIRA 8 Compatibility.

  2. Export with dynamic Excel File (can apply formulas on columns)
  3. Timesheet View is now configurable (view above screenshots)
  4. Review and clean Projects/Users Select field in Projects and Users views.
  5. Add work Log Actions.

New Features

Export a dynamic Excel File

Within this version exported excel file of Timesheet view is dynamic where you can apply formulas on columns.

File sums are dynamically calculated since this version.

Personal Timesheet View is configurable and settings can be saved

  1. Default View: Week, Month, Quarter : Set default view to be displayed when accessing your Timesheet
  2. Display weekends Days or No: Show or hide weekends and non worked days
  3. Time Format Dispaly: Hours, Days: Display your timesheet based on number of hours per days (based on JIRA configuration) or with a ratio where one day = 1


Projects and Users Select2 is now more advanced in projects and users timesheets views

User pickerProject Picker

Reload page after adding worklog

After adding a new worklog, the page is reloaded and reopenned in the exact issue line opened as displayed below

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of our new App Spectrum OnePage 1.0.0.

This tool helps project managers to have a PMO view in JIRA Project. No need to switch between different project management tools, just keep your information in one page in JIRA and consolidate all your data in one view.

We put effort to make this tool visual to make data understanding easier and provide project managers with an out of the box widgets to display and set their data

Release highlights

OnePage Consolidation view

Consolidate your Project OnePages in one view in order to get a quick and visual information about how your projects are doing

Get project progress, budget information and project weather information.

OnePage view : One place for all your project information

Based on widgets where information are getting from the project itself or set manually, this OnePage view is a quick and easy to understand view.

You can get your project card, Project team listing, project progress based on issue number or time, budget details and status, project mood with metrics and state and project phases with a listing or visual graph.

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of our new App Spectrum Teams 1.0.0.

Spectrum teams let you organize and manage your JIRA users into project teams.

With this app, you can easily create your teams from scratch or based on preloaded template. Once created, you can manage your teams, populate them with single users or group members and see their organization based on diagram view.

With this app you gain time to visualize and synchronize your project team members just in few clicks.

Highlight of this release

Flexible ways to create your team

Based on your need and type, create your team with flexible options

View you team members based on list display or chart

Depending on your needs, you can navigate your team members via global listing as displayed below:

or viewing the team diagram. The diagram displays the relation between team members.

Associate your project team to your project and visualize its members

Synchronize your team with project users and check team members permissions in project

In order to synchronize your team with your project users, you can list project users associated to project roles and not existing in your team.

Once listed you can add those users to your team and view their permissions.

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of our new App Spectrum Metadata 1.0.0.

Spectrum Metadata let you enforce easily your project with additional information. We designed this study after a study of JIRA use cases to override JIRA Projects with data and keep control of information added and created. All this with a friendly interface and easy to use panels.

Highlight of this release

Define Metadata items

Adding metadata items is managed from JIRA Apps Administration. This choice has been made to avoid duplication and enable the project users to reuse the metadata items easily.

You can create items based on text input or choosing an option from a drop-down list

Support for user picker and data picker metadata fields

Filling Metadata values for each project

Once metadata items are created from JIRA Administration, project administrator are able to add or select values for items within a dedicated project view as displayed below:

Users who are not project administrator can simply view the values defined by project administrators by accessing this view.

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of Spectrum Timesheets - Version 1.2.0

Important highlight from this release

  1. Repeat worklog.
  2. Edit / Delete worklog from my Timesheet view.
  3. Worklog Control.
  4. JIRA 7.13.x  Compatibility.

  5. Access Management Improvement.

Highlight details

  • New Features
    • Users can now add a repetitive worklog from their Timesheet

  • Users can now edit or delete a worklog from their Timesheet.

  • The administrator can manage now who can access Timesheet by individual user

  • Improvements 

    • Improve the global worklog Configuration: 'Maximum hours per day'. The user cannot log work on issue when the maximum is reached

    • Quick link to access administration panel
    • View Loading
    • Improvements made to support JIRA 7.13.x so that UI elements display correctly

    • Simplify navigation in the view timesheets
    • Issues Tooltip Details

  • Bug fixes
    • Persistence of comments has been fixed.
    • A month is now correctly displayed - Quarter and Week View.
    • My Timesheet view with French translation fixed.
    • Add worklog from my Timesheet view in closed issue - this has now been fixed.


Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of Spectrum Timesheets - Version 1.1.0

This release contains the following new features and improvements:

  • Improvement in worklog input: In this version we introduce the periodic inputs and we facilitate the search options to add worklog on issues. The search either in working or off days can be done according to different parameters such as by project, based on user's favorite filters or based on recently viewed issues.
  • Enhancement of Timezone management policy
  • Improvement within OFF project's log work options:OFF inputs has been a source of some issues reported by some of our users. We have improved the way to add worklog from the Timesheet view but also how to record them on JIRA issues.
  • Improvement of timesheet views (Month, Week, and Quarter) by refining the display of items displayed 
  • Worklog control has been added to limit the inputs per day as an option to respect the number of hours specified in JIRA 
  • Improvement within the export template


Release 1.1.0 highlights

 Adding new worklog

In addition to adding worklog from the calendar listing by selecting a date and an issue row, we added separate buttons to add new worklog from selected issues based on search criteria as displayed in screenshot below:


Working projects

Where users can filter issues based on issues they recently viewed or assigned to them. They can also filter based on project of get issues within there favorite filters

OFF project (if configured)

This section is related to configured OFF project. Users can find all off issues or only those assigned to them. They can also create new issues if needed (this feature depends on permissions has in project)

Periodic Worklog

As displayed in screenshots above, users are able to add periodic worklog. When option is selected, an end date input is added in order to select the start and end date of worklog.

This feature is also available when choosing to add new worklog from timesheet cell as displayed below:


OFF project management

We provided a major enhancement of worklog on OFF project. Previously users where requested to add the total non working days and within the app we proceed on splitting the worklog when displayed.

Still, many of our users noticed dysfunctions on that mechanism which lead us to change as following:

  • Users need to provide the number of OFF hours per day and not the total
  • They need to specify after the Start and End date of there OFF period
  • The app will then repeat the number of hours entered between the days entered. This will be reflected each day as a separate worklog input on issue in order to be able to retrieve them correctly

Timezone management

In this release we are publishing our policy concerning Timezone management. Being considered as "touchy" topic in JIRA, we designed this policy to make our app get timezone from user's profile setting. This decision has been made to give our user the choice to select his timezone where he can align with JIRA's default timezone setting or select his own. 

This way when adding a new worklog, dialogs will display worklog time based on user's profile timezone. Saved values will depend on the entered values in the time field (either the proposed value or new value edited by user). Our Timesheet will then get that exact value from JIRA's database and not convert it (as JIRA do). It will display the exact value that Timesheet gets from saved issues values. 

Refining Timesheet views

We enhanced our Timesheet views by refining cells size and adjusting row colors. 

Issues listing is now displaying issue summary and no more its key. Users can click at any moment on the issue summary to get a detailed description with full summary, link to project and worklog information.

Refining Timesheet export template

We enhanced the export template to display user name and information about time period


Bug fixes

  • Log off days is not stable within hours exceeding the day hour rate
  • Adding off hours that is spitted over two months
  • Add worklog from my Timesheet view in closed issue
Spectrum Timesheets V1.0

Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce the release of its first JIRA add-on, called "Spectrum Timesheets".

We have been hardely working on designing and providing our users with a easy to use and useful add-on to manage their Timesheet within JIRA. It offers a native experience of time tracking and progress tracking of your "daily hourly volume" and provide JIRA managers with consolidation views to track project and resources progress.

Highlight of this release

My Timesheet View

Based on group permission to access Timesheet features, users can consult their own Timesheet from their profile menu. Within this view, they are able to:

  • View current month logged work hours
  • Navigate previous months Timesheets
  • Filter Timesheet content based on several JIRA options (eg. Issue status, Issue type, Project)
  • Add new Worklogs
  • Consult Daily worklog details
  • Fill non-worked hours like PTO or holidays
  • Export Timesheet to Excel format

User Timesheet

Users and project Timesheet views

Based on group permission to Timesheet management views, users can generate multiple resources or projects Timesheet views. WIthin this view, managers are able to:

  • Select users or projects to display Timesheet for.
  • Filter Timesheet output based on several JIRA options and view type
  • Export Timesheet to Excel format

Multi-users Timesheet


Multi-projects Timesheet