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Spectrum content Status 1.0.0

With Content Status tag your pages with specific and custom status. Use the Status Dashboard to search and filter content by thematic .


Content Status is an easy way to help you organizing and classifying your content pages. A space administrator can simply define a list of status to allow users tagging the content in a visual way using colors, text panel and an awesome icon.

The status pages are collected in the status dashboard where users can easily access to content by specific thematics

Key use cases

  • Content organization and classification
  • Content validation
  • Knowledge Articles

Key features

  • Default list of status (Draft, Official, Archived)
  • Custom status to be defined by the space administrator
  • Status color
  • Status icon from awesome font library
  • Add a page status
  • Modify a page status
  • Collect page status in a dashboard



Add a Status to the page

Manage Status

Collect page status in a dashboard


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