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You can find under this page articles and tutorials for most requested manipulation concerning Spectrum Groupe blueprints or content for common use cases

Articles listing:

ArticleProductRelated JIRA Issuetags
Edit plugin blueprint templateAll

Comments management in Discussion PluginDiscussion Blueprint
  BPDISCUSS-26 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Create glossary full listing page Glossary plugin
BPGLOS-11 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Glossary search featureGlossary plugin

Bundled Add-on Spectrum APIDiscussion, Glossary and Ideation plugins

Disable global dashboard - Addons: Ideation, Glossary and DiscussionDiscussion, Glossary and Ideation plugins
BPIDEA-67 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Customize the blueprint creation wizardDiscussion, Ideation and Social Space

Highlighting Glossary terms in Confluence pageGlossary plugin

Glossary Advanced Search API Documentation

Glossary plugin

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