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Glossary add-on contains a feature to enable terms highlight in different Confluence pages. 

Highlighting terms follows two policies: 

  • Option 1: Highlight terms that are contained in local glossary
  • Option 2: Highlight terms from all glossaries in Confluence

The first option make the usage of the Highlight and Glossary more specific where you can add a glossary per space. This usage is helpful when you have thematic glossaries and need to Glossary by content type dedicated to a space.

The second option is more general where users can create a unique Glossary contained in a unique space (or many) and which to have the highlight option enabled based on all the terms existing in all glossaries in Confluence. 

(warning) This configuration must be done per space where the content that you want to be highlighted and checked exists. 

To configure this option, please follow the below options: 

  1. Navigate to space administration of you space 
  2. Navigate to Add-ons section as displayed in the screenshot below
  3. Navigate to Glossary tab
  4. Check section "Highlight from current/all glossaries"
  5. Set it to All or Current based on your need.



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