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Starting from version 3.0, a Glossary global dashboard is available. You can access this dashboard by clicking on the Glossaries link from Confluence's top menu bar. 

Glossaries spaces 

At a glance, you can find all glossaries (screenshot 4) created in one place with many other features:

  • A mandatory information pieces for all glossaries created,
  • Search term by name,
  • Filter terms by label, 
  • Set a glossary as your favorite,
  • Filter glossaries by favorite.

Confluence users can also specify favorite Glossary spaces for quick access by clicking the Favorites tag below the search bar. 

Screenshot 4

Glossaries labels 

Filter terms by labels (screenshot 5) comes easy with Glossary v3.0.

Label in Glossary term is used to classify terms by topics. Display a list of terms by label is a great tool to perform a search.

Screenshot 5

Global search term 

A must have feature (screenshot 6), with Glossary v3.0 you can search term anywhere in your instance. Perform a case insensitive terms search in all glossaries space.

If the term is not found, a suggestion list containing a part of term is displayed.

Screenshot 6

Glossary overview

An index page will be automatically created (screenshot 7). This page aims to collect and link to pages which represents the letter of the glossary pages.

A quick link is also created on the left sidebar with the title 'Glossary'. We formatted the template of this page so you can browse and get some informations easily about the different letter created in the current space.

Screenshot 7


Letter box

This box allows you to access the letter's page.

It gives information about the page linked to this box live: number of terms and the last two terms added sorted by date.

Add letter

A glossary is an alphabetical list of terms. After creating the glossary, we initialize it with a set of fictitious letter (A..Z) (ie not yet created). To facilitate the letter creation task, we offer two posibility to create a letter:

Add an existing letter shown on the glossary dashboard

To add an existing letter from dashboard, click on the letter you want to create and that's it. A new page will be created with the letter chosen and you will be redirected to it.

Add a new letter 

  To add a new letter that does not exist in the dashboard. (eg. specific letters like É, À, Ù, etc).

  1. Click on the "Add a new letter" button at the bottom of the page. 
  2. Type your letter in the dialog then click on Add.

Glossary letter page 

A glossary letter is equivalent to a Confluence wiki page(screenshot 8).

We offer many features, you can discover them in the screenshot and the table below.

Screenshot 8


Add term

You have two ways to add terms. It can be done in simple or advanced way.

  1. Click in the 'Add term' button at the top of your page.
  2. Fill term fields.

There are new parameters added to a term, in glossary v3.0.

You can add abbreviation and/or synonyms to your terms.

New restriction added, a duplicate term in one space is not yet allowed.

Navigation bar

With navigation bar you can quickly access other glossary letters (The existing letter will be high-lighted in this menu).

Search term

Find term quickly with a live search.

When users enter a search term into the search box, the live search will dynamically display matching results as they type.

Term overview

Term is a word that gives a specific meaning of something.

It is represented by a title and description.

Term labels

Note that these labels are managed differently than Confluence labels. They aim to add a simple clarification layer to a term, so user can have additional information about the term.


Easily manage thousands of terms.


Possibility to expand/collapse all term definitions or one by one to facilitate the reading of the letter page and searching term.

Glossary search by name macro

 Perform a case insensitive terms search, and displays the results on the wiki page.

It searches a term in a specified Glossary's space (screenshot 9).

If the term is not found, other proposals are suggested (screenshot 10).


To add the Glossary search by name macro to a page:

  1. In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Find and select the required macro.

Speeding up macro entry with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. Type macro's name.

Screenshot 9

 Screenshot 10

Add term with highlight panel (Available in Confluence 5.4+)

Just highlight a text on any Confluence page and click the Add term to glossary button that appears (screenshot 11).

It encourages users to add term in Glossary on any wiki page. It is also an extention of Highlight actions panel, where you find two features implemented by Atlassian. Quote text in comment and Create JIRA issues.

Screenshot 11

Check terms in wiki page content (Available in Confluence 5.4+) 

With the new item in Confluence info Banner at the top of the page, you can check automatically if any term exists in your glossaries (screenshot 12).

Just click on the glossary's icon then click on the highlighted text that appears. A pop-up shows more information on the term, like definition, term link and labels. 

Check terms allows that glossary terms can be referenced from within other pages.


In glossary v3.0, a several improvement realized for the highlight feature. With more efficient and experience usage we present below these enhancements:

  • Highlight only the whole term.
  • Retrieve term definitions from all spaces.
  • Retrieve terms definitions for all sub terms.

Screenshot 12


Glossary configuration panel admin IMPROVEMENT 

This panel can be visible to users with space administration permissions. 

To access this panel you need to browse to "Space tools" button >> "Add-ons" option >> "Glossary" tab.





Screenshot 13


A new configuration panel admin (screenshot 13) allow users to:


Choose a theme for the highlight term feature.

UPDATE : A new transparent background was added.

Choose a text style for term highlighted term.

Ability to highlight a term from the current glossary or from all the glossaries

Enable auto highlight terms whenever a page is loaded.

Choose your highlight mode : case sensitive or insensitive NEW

Choose how you want display popup's term definition in the Confluence page when highlighting terms by click or by mouse hover . NEW



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