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Glossary Blueprint lets you manage thousands of terms and their definitions inside a smart wiki page tree. Use it to share standard terminologies and technical dictionaries inside your organization. Glossary Blueprint is also collaborative: users can add new letters, create terms, and use live-search to quickly find a specific term...

Key use cases

  • Share definitions
  • Terminologies and thesaurus
  • Technical documentation

Key features

  • Glossaries with specific language letters
  • Multiple Glossaries in one space ( based on languages)
  • New Glossaries Dashboard
  • New search option ( by language) in the advanced search
  • New language menu in space configuration to switch glossary from language to another...
  • Add new terms and definitions from Add Term Menu
  • Add new terms and definitions from Highlight Action Panel (Conf 5.4+)
  • Add new term's properties like synonyms, abbreviations, and labels
  • Add new letters (eg. specific letters É, À, Ù, etc)
  • Find a term
  • Check available definitions in glossaries (Conf 5.4+)
  • Pagination. Easily manage thousands of terms

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