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One of the most powerful features of the Glossary App is that it uses Confluence Macros and Pages. This choice allows Confluence users to benefit from Confluence features while they use Glossary.

In this article, we will present the main structure of the Glossary in a Confluence Space and give details of each part of its structure.

The Main Structure:

When a user creates a Glossary using the button creates from a template (pic. 01), the Glossary system will create a list of Confluence Page and a shortcut link. 

the created glossaries and letters are sorted as parents and children as any Confluence Page. that's why the user can find these pages in the space tree page in the following order: ( pic .02 is an example)

  • Glossaries
    • [ language prefix ]-Glossary
      • [ 'language prefix' ]-'activated letter'

pic. 01

pic. 02

Glossary Pages details:

Glossaries Page:

this page groups all the created glossaries in the space,  it allows users to create new glossaries, it shows some details of each Glossary and it also helps the user searches for Glossary terms using an advanced search macro. (pic. 03)

pic. 03

Glossary Page:

this page has no prefix if the glossary language "No-language" and has one with the format : [ language prefix ]-Glossary. (as shown in the pic. 04)

This page allows its users to:

  • Consult created letters and how many terms it has.
  • See two examples of created terms in each letter
  • Activate Letter from language alphabet ( if the user has the permission)
  • Create new letter ( if the user has the permission)
  • Export the content of the Glossary to PDF format.
  • Export the content of the Glossary to EXCEL format.

these features are grouped by a macro: "Glossary Overview".

pic. 04

Letter Page:

this page has no prefix if the glossary language "No-language" and has one with the format : [ "language prefix" ]-"Letter". (as shown in the pic. 05)

This page allows its users to:

  • Consult the created terms.
  • Edit the created terms.
  • Create new terms.
  • Search for terms using multiple filters.
  • Export Letter terms in PDF format.
  • Export Letter terms in Excel format.
  • Switch to other letters
  • Get information about terms

to benefit from these features, Glossary system injects two types of macros in the page :

  • Glossary Navigation bar: one in the page.
  • Glossary term; one or multiple macros in the page.

pic. 05

Glossary Macros details:

The App Glossary has two types of macros: macros that the system injected into Glossary pages and other macros that the user can inject in any Confluence page. In the next part, we will give a description of each macro: main features, how it could be used...

Glossaries Pages Macros:

This type of macros are automatically injected in Glossaries pages ( Glossary page and Letter Page). they are used for a specific reason and to be injected in a specific place. Each one of them has its role and its place. In the next table, we will give some details of them.

Macro's name and icon                 
Macro descriptionMacro picture

Glossary overview

This macro will be injected during the creation of the Blueprint Glossary.

with the creation of the glossary page, this macro will show a glossary dashboard where you can see all the "Letter" pages basing on the language that you have chosen during the creation of the glossary.

this macro allows you to activate the glossary letters ( if you have the permission), quick access to them and get information about each letter by specifying for each the number of terms and the last two terms added.

Also, it allows you to add a new page with a title chosen by the user.

finally, all the created terms in this language can be exported to PDF and Excel format.


navigation bar

This macro is injected during the creation of a letter page (using the Glossary overview Macro).

It has these features:

  • A navigation bar that allows quick access to all the letter pages.
  • An easy way to create new terms ( if you have permission).
  • A button to export the terms of the page in two format: PDF and Excel
  • An advanced search bar for terms of the letter: search by title, definition, creator, synonym, label, abbreviation and a filter by creation date.
  • A way to expend and collapse the details of all the terms.
  • A pagination bar.


Glossary term

This macro is injected during the creation of the term ( using the Glossary navigation bar).

Using this macro you can:

  • Get the information of the term: title, definition, creation date, creator, last modification date, last modifier, definition, synonyms, abbreviations, labels.
  • Edit and delete the created term ( if you have permission).
  • Copy a link of the term.
  • Add pictures, tables, videos and all the macros that Confluence offers (using the edit page mode).

Glossary term can also work if it has been injected manually (using the edit mode of Confluence) in the letter page ( it will only works if it has been injected in letter page).

Confluence Pages Macros:

Some Macros of this type are automatically injected in some Glossary pages and others are not, but all of them can be injected in any Confluence page. In the next table, we will give some details of them.

Macro's name and icon            Macro descriptionMacro picture

Glossary Space Search

this Macro is injected automatically in Glossaries Page when you are creating new Glossary in the space and you can injected in any Confluence Page you want.

using this Macro, you can:

  • Search for terms in the same space as the Macro.
  • Search by:
    • Title
    • Creation date
    • Synonyms
    • Abbreviations
    • Labels
    • Creator
    • Language
  • Filter the result Ascendant and Descent by:
    • Term
    • Creation Date
    • Creator

Glossary Search By Name

If you want to search only the first time you inject the term not each time you visit the page, this is the macro that you want to use. One you inject this macro in a page, you choose the term to search for.

To choose the title of the term (or edit it), you have to edit the macro in the page edit mode and then one you visit again the page you will find the result of that search.

Using this macro, you can keep the same looking of the term macro in any confluence Page.

Glossary pull term definition

When you want to make a reference to a term (from the Glossary) in your article (any Confluence Page) and you want to make the reference shows the term whenever you click on the word ( even if it isn't related to the wanted term), you can use this macro. The feature of this macro is similar to the highlight but you can show the details of a term even when word isn't related to the term.

this macro is configured one you inject it in Confluence Page, then when you visit the page you will find ready to use.

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