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FAQ creation

  1. Go to 'Create' button on the top of your Confluence instance.
  2. Choose FAQ Blueprint in the dialog. (screenshot 1)

  3. After selecting FAQ Blueprint, you will get a 'Let's get started' page to give you some information about this Blueprint. You are free to show it every time you will use this Blueprint or to hide it by selecting the checkbox in the bottom of the wizard(screenshot 2). You just need now to click on the Wizard Create button to end the creation process.

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2

FAQ page : overview

Index Page

An index page will be automatically created (screenshot 3). This page aims to collect and link to pages using FAQ Blueprint. A quick link (1) is also created on the page sidebar with 'FAQs' as title.

We formatted the template of this page so you can browse and get some information easily about the different FAQs of your space.

You have two views through which you can visualize your pages: mosaic (screenshot 3)  and table (screenshot 4). You can select the adequat view with the navigation tool (2).

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Quick Link to FAQ index Page.

Navigation tool through FAQ index Page views.

Page created

After using the Blueprint, you will be redirected to the edit mode of the newly created page. A small FAQ is already intialized in this page to show you how to start. 

 The FAQ template is based on three sections(screenshot 5) : FAQ summary (3) , FAQ question category (4) and FAQ question (5)(6).

Each of the previous section is a macro that you can configure in the edit mode as shown in the next part of this document.

Screenshot 5

FAQ summary

It summarizes the FAQ content: categories titles with number of questions that each one contains.

It also allows you to point quickly to categories where each title is an intern link in the FAQ page.

This macro is automatically injected when using the FAQ Blueprint.

FAQ category

This is the question container. It's characterized by a title.

You can add a category box by following these steps.

FAQ question : closed form

This entity represents a FAQ question. As shown, this is the closed form of a question.

To show the answer you need to click on the question's text.

FAQ question : Opened form

This is the opened form of the question. It contains four parts:

  • Answer text
  • FAQ Labels area
  • Feedbacks section (7)
  • Votes (Users feedbacks about question) (8)

You can add a question by following these steps.

Feedback section

Faq users and readers can give feedbacks about the FAQ questions.

More information on how to add feedback here ...

Votes summary

This section shows the number of positive or negative votes by question. It's related to the feedback section.

Each user can vote only once for the same category of vote (Yes or No)

User feedback

In addition to the numeric vote, a user can add text feedback by filling the form (7)

This text feedback will generate a comment that will be added to the page. It contains the user that added the feedback, the question and the feedback text.

This section is differentiated from other page comments by its background and a special icon.

Suggest question

This button allows user to suggest a question if they don't find a specific one.

More information about how to add a question here...

Suggested question by user

A question suggested by user is added as a comment to the page. It has a different background and a special icon so FAQ responsible can identify it easily.

Find question

This button allows user to find a specific question in the FAQ. The research can be made either by FAQ label or by content (question and answer content)

More information about how to find a question here...

FAQ page : edit

Add a category of questions

You need to use FAQ category macro for that!

This macro can be found through the 'macro browser' or by using the shortcut '{'. The exact name of this macro is 'FAQ category'

Your category title needs to be added as a macro variable through the edit wizard as shown in the next screenshot. Questions (represented by our 'FAQ question' macro) associated to this category needs to be injected in the body of FAQ category macro.        


Screenshot 6

Add question

You need to use FAQ question macro for that!

Your question's text needs to be added as a macro variable through the edit wizard (as shown in the next screenshot) and the answer need to be added in the body of the macro.

You can also add labels for the question. These labels are different from the default label system of Confluence but can make easier your search for questions with our FAQ search tool.

Screenshot 7

FAQ page : features

Add feedback about question

You can vote for a question and add a text feedback about it.

You need for that to reply on the question "This answer was useful?" at the bottom of the question box(screenshot 8). Selecting yes or no will repectively increment the number of votes with (+1) or (-1) (8)

If you fill text area associated to this question with your feedback, this will generate a comment that will be added to this page with a special background so FAQ responsable can distinguish it easily.

It should be noted that it is not mandatory to add a feedback text and that user can restrict its feedback to vote by yes or no. 

Screenshot 8

Find question

if you are looking for a question in the FAQ, you can use our search tool. The research can be made by labels (keys words added to the question when filling) or by content (words or sentences that the question or the answer may contain)

For this you simply need to:

  • Click on the 'find' button (12) 
  • Select the type of the search (screenshot 9).
  • Click Find button on the wizard.


Screenshot 9

The result will be shown in a new panel and by simply clicking the correct question, the wizard will disappear and you will target this question(screenshot 10).

Screenshot 10

Suggest question

If you are looking for a specific question and its answer and that you can't find it in the FAQ, you can suggest this question so the FAQ responsable can add it with the correct answer.

By simply clicking on 'Suggest' button (10), you will get a form where you can specify your question and add some description or key words to get the closest answer (screenshot 11)  

This question will be added as a comment for this page with a specific icon so the FAQ responsable can distinguish it from the other comments. 


Screenshot 11


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