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Macro's name and iconMacro description

FAQ summary

This macro will generate the FAQ summay. Presents main topics or categories with the number of questions that each one contains.

It also add the two top buttons : Suggest and Find question to help you navigate and interact with FAQ responsable.

FAQ category

This macro allows you to add a container for FAQ questions. You can specify a title for the category and all the questions that macro's body will contain, will be formated in a clear design. (check again the text!!)

FAQ question

This macro is used to add a question and its answer to the FAQ.

The text of the question is added through the macro wizard as a variable and the answer is filled as a body for the macro. This way you can benefit from the Confluence editer option to format your answer's text.

You can also add special labels for the question to facilitate the search function through the FAQ with the "find" feature of the FAQ content macro.

FAQ overview

This macro is implemented in the FAQ index page. It render page template to offer two views for pages using FAQ Blueprint.

Confluence user can choise between a mosaic view or a table one.

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