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This version brings a fix for some FAQ v2.0 issues (more details here)

"Add topic" and "Add question" buttons are now enabled, so you can fully enjoy adding content directly from the view mode of your FAQ page.

We also enforced the FAQ data saving management. This way users are able to browse on detailed page history for their FAQ and backup at any time the content.

FAQ Blueprint - Release note - VERSION 2.0.1
The version 2.0 of FAQ plugin introduced many new features to facilitate content creation, enhance FAQs ownership and modernize its look and feel.
Still, we recently noticed a technical inconsistency between one functionality and Confluence's technical behavior. Adding new topics or questions - via the add buttons - shows some troubles when voluminous FAQs content and special characters.
FAQ blueprint still works perfectly using the standard edit mode of Confluence pages. We encourage our customers to upgrade to this more stable version (add buttons are disabled for now). 
Bugfixing is ongoing to bring back the add/edition feature using the wizard. Communication on next release will follow soon

The V2.0 of FAQ Blueprint just landed. Here what's new within the plugin:

(Imprime générale)

FAQ Owners

To facilitate the FAQ's management we added a new role called "FAQ owner". Assigning this role to a user will ensure him an edit restriction. This way, owners are the editor of the FAQ. Other users can suggest questions (added as comment to the FAQ page)

FAQ logo and description

We offer the possibility to add a description and a logo to a FAQ. A logo can be choosen from an icon library or from attachment that have "faq-logo" tag. 

Adding topics and questions

We are making the process more automatic. In one click (1) you can add a topic or a question to your FAQ page. You just need to fill the wizard forms with your information.

Add question wizard form

FAQ management and statistics panel

We added three information panels. They can be displayed or hidden from the summary macro configuration parameters. 

The first panel displays the log and the description of the FAQ. The second one displays the list of owners and the third one displays statistics about FAQ. Statistics show the number of topics, questions and feedbacks.

FAQs index page

A new design with more dynamic content. We added some statistics and indicators to see last FAQs updates within the space. You can show or hide this panel via the slide button or configuration parameters within the index page macro.

(Imprime index page)

(1) general screenshot add a sign near to the add topic and question buttons

We are pround to annouce the launch of our faq blueprint for confluence Version 1.0

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) blueprint lets you manage easily listed commonly asked questions, organize them in topics, and answer them. Share best practices, how-to manuals and guidelines Inside your teams and organization. It helps you gather user's feedbacks  and contributions to enrich your FAQs.

Key use cases

  • Product documentation
  • How-to, Guidelines
  • Share best practices

Key features

  • Manage topics to organize questions by categories and sub categories
  • Create questions (items) and their answers
  • Find a question
  • Submit a new question to the animator
  • Share your opinion about a question by voting it and adding your feedbacks
  • Question's opinion statistics

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