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The plug-in Discussions has three macros. All this macros are designed simply and clearly, accessible to any user with a basic knowledge of Confluence.

Macro's name and icon                 
Macro description

Discussion list

With Discussion list you can create a discussion dashboard that lists all topics and offers filtering tools.

This macro displays all the discussion and questions of space. It offer two views which you can visualize your pages: Table and Timeline.

By default, the Table view is chosen. You can change the default setted view in the macro browser parameters.

Also, you can hide/show the statistics discussion.

A discussion contains the following information :

  • discussion title,
  • author with his profile photo,
  • creation date,
  • the number of votes (score),
  • number of comments,
  • number of views,
  • labels,
  • status,
  • an extract of the content.

Discussion information box


This macro is used in discussion/question page.

It displays:

  • voting module,
  • comments number,
  • views number,
  • status  (new, in discuss or resolved).

  Discussion contributors

Macro to display discussion's contributors with comments and useful number.



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