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It's possible to disable the global dashboard implemented in three of our add-ons (see global dashboard for Glossary add-on). To do so you have to disable to Glossary Header, which is a module within our add-on. 

Disabling this module require Confluence administration permissions. 

Below the steps to disable this module: 

Access the Add-ons section in your Confluence administration menu

Navigate to the concerned add-on (Discussion or Ideation or Glossary) 
Expend the enabled modules list. Those are the modules deployed by our add-on. You can find there modules related to macros or global links.

Find the associated module to the global dashboard link and disable it

Ideation Add-on > Ideation Header (ideation-header)

Discussion Add-on > Discussion dashboard menu (discussion-dashboard-menu)

Glossary Add-on > Glossary Header (glossary-header)



After a page refresh the link in the top menu of Confluence will disappear. 

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