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Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce that we are releasing Spectrum Formatting Advanced version 1.1.0. This version includes data model migration.

Migration of data storage model

In this release we are moving to Active Objects, the new ORM (object relational mapping) layer to manage persistent data in Atlassian (You can read more about Active Objects within this link)

This implementation will provide us better management of content stored by Ideation in order to expose and reuse them easily after. Active Objects enables easier, faster, and more scalable data access and storage than the existing Bandana and PluginSettings APIs.

This change does not impact features or the display of Ideation elements. It will only engage a migration operation during the installation to move data from old storage model to new database tables.

after some users feedback it's required to test this version on test environment before to make the upgrade on production system. The migration behavior may vary depending instances and we are checking the best way to fix the issues encountered by our users.

Please contact our support team at if you observe any weird behavior or any data loss after migration

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