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Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce that we are releasing Ideation version 5.3.0 This version includes multiple bugfixes for both Data Center and Server.


JIRA integration

using this feature users will be able to send their ideas to JIRA (as JIRA issues).

How ?

Having a functional JIRA linked to Confluence (via applinks), space administrators can enable this feature and :

  1. select the JIRA link in which issues will be created.
  2. select the ideation role that will have the permission to create issues through ideation.
  3. select the ideation status in which users will be able to create issues.

After this configuration, how can i send issues to JIRA.

Once the previous configuration is done, users that are part of the selected role (3) , will be able to create issues from ideas that have the selected role (2).

User can either select an existing JIRA issue or create a new one, created or selected issues can only be linked once to each idea.

Links are displayed in the idea page, ideation Index page and the JIRA issue

Idea page

Ideation index page

JIRA issue

Removing the link.

Once linked the user can unlink the issue from the idea

(warning) Removing the link will not remove the issue from JIRA

Custom fields improvement

Custom fields are now included in the challenge participation form (Custom fields are introduced in Ideation 5.0)

  • all challenges that belong to a certain space will have the same idea creation form defined in that space.

Statistics export

Now you can export your stats in a PDF or Excel file containing the same data, even the charts!




  • Searching by Label not working.
  • Voting for ideas does not update the vote count.

As always, we're here to help, if you've come across a problem, want to provide feedback or require support, you can get in touch by email to Support.

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