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Keeping on empowering innovation processes inside your workspace, we are releasing the v1.1.0-AC of Ideation Cloud with new improvements, new updates and special features to support your teams for the better of your businesses.

The new ideation app v1.1 bring the solution for the previous issue (avertissement) Atlassian non support for index page (avertissement). We solved this for you in the new version so now any new idea page created in the space will be listed under an index page created automatically named Ideation-index.

Ideation list macroIt consist of two tabs: the timeline tab, where you can find all the space ideas with its status; You can vote an idea, see likes, views, feedback's…

Create from template macro

A button to create an idea page from an idea page template including idea information, idea voters and idea sponsors macros.

Ideation Summary macroDisplay data about the space ideas, comments and contributors counts, with a list of ideas status count for each.
Idea top contributor macroDisplay the top contributors in the space: their votes and ideas contributions.

The new comes with an easy interface to administrate your space sponsorship, with highly customizable features, functions and rights.

Sponsor-macro's & configurationScreenshots
Grant users the sponsor right and edit them at any time.

The sponsoring right can be given also to users group so it facilitate sponsors management

Sponsor dashboard where you can manage the maximum acceptable sponsorship, in addition to the users having that right

The sponsor idea button: this button appear only if the current user have the right to sponsor and if the maximum sponsors limit is not reached yet. It disappear once the user click.

When the current user sponsor the idea, his name will be displayed in sponsors list sorted by name. He can cancel his sponsorship anytime pressing the cancel sponsorship button that appear next to his name only.

The sponsors list
: If there is any user that already sponsored the current idea, his name would be displayed in the list. Otherwise, a no one has been sponsored this idea will be shown.

The v1.1 ideation app also comes with new improvements to give you a better user experience while using our app.

Improvements Screenshots
Integration of macros new icons

Integration of a new main app icon

Changing app color picker according Atlassian colors palette

Integration of pop-up notes during the use of the app

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