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Spectrum Formatting Macros

Spectrum Formatting Macroshelps you to organize and navigate different contents within a single container. Through tabs, horizontal and vertical navigation, custom progress bar and “visual” page status you can manage easily your content Key use cases Content organization Content validation Key features Create Tabs Create Horizontal navigation menu Create Vertical navigation menu Manage Page Status (draft, outdated, official, action required) Update Page Status Customize content progress bar Define menu and tabs colors

Social Space

With Social Space, bring smart community features to a wiki space. Move toward social business using confluence with Social Space Blueprint Key use cases Communities Event socialization Marketing teams Internal communication Social intranet Key features Social activity stream including : advanced preview for videos and pictures, media player, content excerpt, attachments types pictos Customizable timeline : 1 or 2 columns, filter stream by content type, filter on favorites Community information : title, logo, description, labels, public or private Community management : designate managers, contact Interactions : poke members Featured contributors – retrieve statistics related to user’s activity Blogs widget Ideation…


Ideation blueprint effectively supports team innovation. it lets you share new ideas, vote them, discuss them and emerge most interesting ones.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) blueprint lets you manage easily listed commonly asked questions, organize them in topics and answer them. Share best practices, how-to manuals and guidelines inside your teams and organizations.


Discussion blueprint is a smart tool that lets you build a space forum to share and discuss topics. With Discussion, space members can easily interact about conversations and questions, mark useful replies, enable or disable comments and manage discussions status.


Glossary blueprint lets you manage thousands of terms and their definitions inside a smart wiki page tree. Use it to share standard terminologies and technical dictionaries inside your organization.


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